About Our Project

We started HappyCamper.blog to share our love of camping. We’re so fortunate to have camped in so many amazing places and want to share and hopefully inspire others to go outside and camp.


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Happy Campers

Happy Camper #1 – Aaron

Aaron grew up in Northern California and has spent most of his childhood in the Redwood Forest. He currently lives in Lake Tahoe California and spends his free time camping and hiking the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Happy Camper #2 – Tori

Tori grew up in Santa Cruz and spent hear childhood camping in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range. Tori’s love for nature inspired her to pursue an Environmental Science degree and enjoys camping as much as possible.



Happy Camper #3 – Dozer

Dozer is an 11 year-old Chow / Shepherd mutt dog adopted from the Sequoia Humane Society┬áin Northern California. He’s been camping with Tori and Aaron his entire life.